Monday, 19 April 2010

A couple of great art installations in The Toon

It would be fair to say we are not massive fans of installation art in the Adessi design team but we saw a couple of fantastic shows this weekend.

The first was in The University Gallery where there was a load of small flag like gizmos pinned into the floor and when you walked past the movement you create moved the small flags (simple things, simple minds I hear you say) it is definitely worth a view.

The second was in The Baltic and it by Jenny Holzer and that is also definitely worth a look.

Amsterdam Google search

While doing a bit of a Google search for Dutch landscape paintings on the internet the other day we discovered some fantastic artwork and design.

We just loved the image of this building with all its shades of green, it reminded us of a patchwork of fields you would see while gazing out the window of an airplane.

We also really liked this portrait, we have no idea who it is by or who it is but it's one of the best portraits we have seen for a long time (we all agreed we liked the bit that has not been painted yet!!!)

Finally we came across these great little illustrations/designs that we thought were very nice indeed.

I think i trip to Amsterdam is defo on the cards!

Friday, 18 December 2009

Irn Bru - The snowman

Simply the best piece of Christmas marketing ever!!!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Recent concept work

Some nice illustration concepts we have done recently for Croft Technology.

John Squire paintings

The Adessi design team are massive fans of The Stone Roses, we are even bigger fans of the art of ex guitarist john Squire.

Squire painted all of the bands Jackson Pollock inspired covers during the late 80's, since then he has been working full time on his art. There is an interesting film on his website that shows him creating one of his pieces of work out of metal.

His current work is as good as anything he has done in his career and is certainly worth keeping an eye out for any up and coming exhibitions.

What a fantastic strap

Without any shadow of a doubt this is the best starpline we have seen for some time - well done Hunter Wellies.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Booze, food, footy and contemporary light instalations

The Adessi design team are off to Durham on Saturday, a couple of drinks, a nice meal then off to the pub to watch the mighty England 'spank' Brazil should make for a fantastic day out!

We were delighted to find that there will be a series of contemporary light installations across the city lighting up Durham's architectural splendour.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Bigging up other people's work

Never afraid of tipping our hat to a fantastic piece of design done outside the Adessi design studio, this fantastic logo is a current favourite of ours.


There is a great exhibition on at the Laing art gallery and a brilliant opportunity to see some world famous artists work in Newcastle including Degas and Picasso........ it's a must visit.

New conference branding

Just sent to print today, hopefully the first of many fantastic print jobs for this project.

Art or graffiti?

Recent building work close to the Adessi office has provided us with an unexpected source of inspiration and a fantastic new gallery.

Local graffiti artists have been commissioned by the building contractors to 'jazz up' the hoardings around the construction site and the Adessi design team had a great time watching them produce their art.

Canny graft for a pitman

We recently attended the Norman Cornish exhibition at the University Gallery and were really inspired by the work on display and its content.

The work depicts fantastic imagery from Norman's days as a miner in Spennymoor County Durham. While reasonably well known amongst North East 'arty types' we at Adessi believe he should have more prominence in peoples minds throughout the region.

A fantastic image of a great man

We recently came across this fantastic image of Samuel Beckett while doing a bit design research, we do not know who the photographer was but we loved the shot.

Now the Adessi design team like to think of themselves as being a little 'clued up' but we have to admit we knew very little about our friend Sam. After a little scan over his Wikipedia entry our appreciation of Mr Beckett shot through the roof as we discovered he actually fought for the French Resistance during the second world war, he has won the M├ędaille de la R├ęsistance as well as the Nobel Prize for Literature.

A fantastic advert

The Adessi design team was sent this amazing video for Johnie Walker Whisky staring Robert Carlyle recently and we think it is fantastic.

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